4 Sterne Wellness Hotel Laerchenhof Heiligenblut Grossglockner

Start your day!

Apfelstrudel im Hotel Lärchenhof Heiligenblut

Sweet afternoon

4 Sterne Wellness Hotel Lärchenhof Heiligenblut Grossglockner

Take your time ...

Irish Stew vom Glocknerlamm 4 Sterne Wellness Hotel Lärchenhof Heiligenblut Grossglockner

... the genuine

from our farmers!

Weingenuss im Hotel Lärchenhof Heiligenblut

do oneself well 🙂


Herzhaft geniessen im Lärchenhof in Heiligenblut

Prepared with love


Seasonable treats

Fine, honest wines

Fresh Möll Valley comestibles

The best the Alpine-Adriatic region has to offer

We take great pride in continually developing our culinary range, our maxim being to combine traditional fare with new creations in the spirit of the times. Choice foodstuffs prepared with loving care. Our service team also knows its stuff: contact them if you have special requests or issues or on any matter concerning the Großglockner.

Eat & Drink at the Hotel Lärchenhof

Breakfast like a king.

Fresh. Healthy. Diverse.

Frühstück im Lärchenhof Heiligenblut am Großglockner

The Lärchenhof buffet breakfast – the ideal start to your day. In the warmer months breakfast on the terrace with the Großglockner looking on.

Conquer the culinary summits!

Indulge. Have a snack. Nibble.

Lärchenhof Heiligenblut für Gourmets & Naschkatzen

Celebrate the holiday feeling with a four-course evening meal. Savour and discover with our themed dinner. Alternatively, fortify yourself and indulge à la carte.

Drink only what is clear!

Spring water, wine, spirits.

Lärchenhof Heiligenblut am Grossglockner Getränke

The Lärchenhof’s promise of purity: from fresh spring water at the breakfast buffet to decent wines and regionally distilled brandies to select single malts.